Louw Bros Plumbing has a fleet of fully kitted and prepared vehicles to undertake any Plumbing job you may require. All vehicles have been invested with qualified Technicians that make us an extremely competent plumbing company. “NO.1 IN THE NO.2 BUSINESS”

We are proud to be a part of servicing many different sectors such as the Corporate, industrial, domestic, commercial, and marine industries and we are extremely proud to have grown a great relationship with our cliental and will focus on remaining to provide them with flawless results.

We here at Louw Bros Plumbing cover all aspects of plumbing wither it being an emergence call out or an appointed job, we thrive to achieve the best results with the quickest response time. One tends to overlook Plumbing and not realize the actual importance of maintaining your system.

We here at Louw Bros Plumbing do it all. FOR YOU.


Geysers, Valves, Renovations, New installations, Emergencies, Toilets, Mixers, Taps, Baths, Showers, Water meters, and CoC.

  • Burst pipe replacement.
  • Renovations.
  • General plumbing.
  • New installations.
  • Leak detection.
  • Burst geyser replacements.
  • New water pipe re-routes.
  • Technical reports.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Tank installations.
  • Pump servicing.
  • Valve installations.
  • Leak assessments.
  • Shower base rehabilitation.
  • Water meter installations.
  • Manifold upgrades and servicing.
  • Flange replacement.
  • Gate valve installations.
  • Strainer installation.
  • Pressure valve installations.

Strainer Installation

Strainer installations are the installation of a special type of piping used in industries such as chemicals, and water and petroleum, just to name a few. Strainers are used to catch debris like rust and particles in up-stream pipes. The particles that this pipe collects can be as fine as powder, but the pipe will still catch it due to an exceptionally fine mesh insert inside the pipe. The pipe mesh can be taken out, wiped down, and inserted again.


Industrial Manifold Installation

Industrial manifold installations are a system of pipes that connect to a central manifold. The manifold will have distribution spots for all the pipes to connect to the manifold. This allows water pressure to flow throughout the pipe, giving you a pressured flow of evenly distributed water. Manifolds are used in commercial and residential sectors that require a flow of water, such as in gas and water industries.

indust manifold (1)
indust manifold (2)