Our Vision and Mission Statement

Contributing to transformation, service delivery and sustainable growth through our commitment to a quality plumbing service in an environment where our clients are priority, hence, to be the leading independent plumbing company that:

  • Ensures our professionalism and plumbing services always meet the South African Plumbing Standard of SANS 10400, SANS 10252 Part 1 & 2, SANS 10254 and SANS 10106
  • Strives to satisfy our customers by attending to all enquiries in an efficient manner
  • Maintains a high service standard through relationship, expertise and experience
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  • Maintain a relationship with our customers and employees honestly and fairly, at all times
  • Management of information obtained in the course of a project or repair as confidential
  • Desist from any business relationships which require us to put aside our ethics statement.
  • Inform our clients of any business connections, affiliations or interests of which the client would have a reasonable expectation to be made aware
  • Customer awareness regarding any repair structures and all associated costs before work commences
  • We are committed to conduct work in an environmentally friendly manner

Environmental Policy Statement

Our policy is to create and maintain an Environmental Management System that complies with national and local government requirements, pertaining to all aspects of our operations.


In addition, Louw Bros Strive to...

  • Encourage the wise utilisation of our resources
  • Have responsible waste management strategies and procedures in place
  • Encourage environmental awareness and training
  • Liaise with all associated parties involved with Louw Bros Plumbing (Pty) Ltd, to practice and maintain environmental consciousness by promoting the best practical methods to minimise degradation
  • Continually access and evaluate our work ethic as per projects, in order to make recommendations and adjustments, so as to minimise our impact on the environment
  • Contain pollution, or the threat thereof
  • Doing environmental compliance audits on all aspects of our plumbing operations

Louw Bros Plumbing (Pty) Ltd Environmental Policy

Louw Bros Plumbing (Pty) Ltd strives to achieve and maintain a sound and responsible Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan. We believe that order and discipline is better than chaos, conservation and creation is better than destruction and that knowledge and understanding is preferred over ignorance.

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