Welcome to Dukes Coffee & Roastery.

We are so excited to share with you a cup of great coffee sourced,
roasted and brewed right here in our humble roastery.


This is a blend of full bodied flavoursome coffee. It contains a medium to dark roast made up of 4 unique origins, each bringing its own unique flavour profile. The Guatemala brings a chocolatey, nutty profile. The Tanzanian gives it a sweet aroma along with the full-bodied and earthy notes from the Brazilian. Finishing it off with complex fruity notes of the Colombian which is a very balanced coffee. Read More


This is a blend of a well balanced light-medium roast made up of the smooth creamy Ethiopian bean-combined with the chocolaty, nuttiness of the Guatemalan bean. This is set off against the citric acidity and fruity flavours of the Brazlian and Tanzanian bean. This blend is best enjoyed at a courser grind setting and brewed with your brewing device of choice, providing a flavoursome start to your day. Read More

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